Saturday, January 25, 2014

We expect another miracle

The more I read about cirrhosis of the liver the more awesome it seems that it didn't cause him any problems for 3 years.  Even before they knew he had endocarditis they diagnosed him with cirrhosis.  He had all the symptoms he has now, as well as the problems caused by the endocarditis. (the pain left after the operation, probably because the dementia blocked it.)

All the symptoms went away after we started the coconut oil, and even the doctor paid little attention to the liver, always saying that his numbers were good.

Why, I wonder, did it not show up again until now?  The doctor says cirrhosis of the liver does not go away.  Once you have it you always have it.  It only gets worse or at best, with a very careful diet, it could possibly be kept from getting worse too quickly.

Yet Bruce has lived for three years without any sign of cirrhosis.  That, in itself, is a miracle, but we are looking for another.  God has made us some promises, and we depend upon Him.  We are not defeated, but are expecting Bruce to be well enough to be at market in April. 

Thanks for your continued prayers.

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