Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cancer Stage Four

It is cancer.  And we are still praising Him.  Yesterday, Bruce had the CAT scan.  In the afternoon the roads were so bad that the nurses sent the families home.  I went back to Susy's and Hank's.  Later in the afternoon, Bruce called.  Dr. Caal had been in to see him.  He told him it was cancer in the liver and colon.  He wanted to do a colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy was another test they had planned to do three and a half years ago but put off when they found the endocarditis.

They did it today and then came and talked to us.  It was colon cancer that had spread to the liver and lungs; stage 4. The doctor says they can't operate and he doesn't think chemo is an option.  I said it was OK; we would leave it in God's hands, and he agreed with that.  A doctor from oncology will be coming to see us tomorrow basically to talk.

We are at peace.  I believe that he will be healed, but as Bruce said today, whether he is here he is with the Lord or whether he is taken home he is still with the Lord.  Either way we will praise him.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Spot on the liver

Here I am again sitting at Bruce's bedside in the hospital typing while he rests.  The Doctor was just in.  He said they want to do a CAT scan and then probably a biopsy.  He is worried that it could be cancer. 

But I remember them wanting to do the same biopsy almost four years ago.  He was in pain like he is now, and he had no appetite then either.  The difference then was that he also had a fever.  At first they thought the main problem was his liver.  They said he had cirrhosis of the liver. (not the kind caused by alcohol because he doesn't drink)  They were wondering about cancer of the liver, but then they discovered the endocarditis and everything else got set aside while they worked on the biggest crisis, a wrecked aorta heart valve.

The symptoms connected to the liver went away together with all the other problems when he started taking the coconut oil. His numbers stayed good and the doctor did not seem to have any concerns. That's why we were so shocked now after three years when it all started flooding back.

I've cried almost as much now as I did back then, and yet I know, just as I knew then, that God is still in control.

I know that Bruce could not have dealt with the liver problem three years ago.  There was way too much else to deal with back then.  But I had hoped that the problem had gone away and not just gone into hiding.

But even in this God has a plan for our good.  Three years ago we couldn't understand the why of that trial, but we still praised him, and now we understand.  Today I don't understand this new trial, but I will still praise him, and some day I will understand why Bruce is having to go through this.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

We expect another miracle

The more I read about cirrhosis of the liver the more awesome it seems that it didn't cause him any problems for 3 years.  Even before they knew he had endocarditis they diagnosed him with cirrhosis.  He had all the symptoms he has now, as well as the problems caused by the endocarditis. (the pain left after the operation, probably because the dementia blocked it.)

All the symptoms went away after we started the coconut oil, and even the doctor paid little attention to the liver, always saying that his numbers were good.

Why, I wonder, did it not show up again until now?  The doctor says cirrhosis of the liver does not go away.  Once you have it you always have it.  It only gets worse or at best, with a very careful diet, it could possibly be kept from getting worse too quickly.

Yet Bruce has lived for three years without any sign of cirrhosis.  That, in itself, is a miracle, but we are looking for another.  God has made us some promises, and we depend upon Him.  We are not defeated, but are expecting Bruce to be well enough to be at market in April. 

Thanks for your continued prayers.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update on Bruce's condition

I can't help hearing his groaning, as I toss in bed alone.  He is probably on the reclining chair, maybe the couch or the strait-backed chair.  His nights are spent playing musical chairs, or musical beds or whatever else there is he can rest on that may help him ignore the pain.

When I wrote that first paragraph I had no idea what was going on, only that he was in a lot of pain, that his appetite was gone and that his pulse was up, and yet his temperature was below normal.

Yesterday morning we went in to emergency and they did some tests.  They couldn't find anything, but they scheduled an ultrasound for this morning.  This evening the doctor called.  When a doctor calls in the evening it's not a good sign. 

He says there is a problem with the gallbladder and he has cirrhosis of the liver. These were problems that existed when he had endocarditis, but we thought they had been healed.  They certainly hadn`t given him any problems, and when he had asked the doctor about them, he had been told that everything was good.

Tonight all that changed.  The poisons are still in his system, and just when he starts feeling good they pop up again in one form or another.  Every year he winds up in the hospital for some residual symptom of the initial sickness that happened in 2010. 

 The doctor wants to see him tomorrow at 9:15am EST.  When a busy doctor gives you an appointment early the next morning that is definitely not a good sign.

What is going on, Lord?  We trust you.  We know you have led us step by step to where we are now, and that we are still walking in your perfect will for our lives, but . . .

When will it all end?  Give us grace to go through this, Lord.

But I will still be thankful.  His dementia has never come back, and his blood sugar is still normal.  The diabetes is gone.  Thank You, Lord, for that, and for all You will do in the future. 

I've shared this with you for a very special reason.  In 2010, when Bruce was near death, many of you from around the world prayed for him, and God miraculously healed him.  Now we need that prayer support again.

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