Thursday, April 09, 2015

Honey, come sit with me

"Why don't you leave what you are doing and sit down with me for a while."  I can still hear him coaxing, being totally impractical, and trying to talk me out of all the busyness of my day.

There were so many important things to be done.  The kitchen needed to be cleaned up, or some canning had to be taken care of, and he wanted me to leave that and just sit with him and watch one of the videos I had seen two or three times already.

They weren't bad videos, mainly Gaithers, or biographies or good stories with a moral, but it seemed like such a waste of time when there were things to be done.

"You can chose what to watch," he would say, and I would halfheartedly pick something and sit down with him, part of my mind still on the chores that awaited me. 

Today it was me who asked, who begged that he would come and sit with me.  Yes there are still things that need to be done; there always will be, but oh how wonderful it would be if I could just sit next to him and enjoy his company once again.  The dishes could wait; the floors could stay dirty, if only I had one more chance to sit with him.

If any of my readers still has a spouse who wants you to slow down and spend some time with him/her, feel blessed. Treasure those times while you have them.

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