Saturday, May 16, 2015

Learning from my children

When my children were very little, they learned from watching me.  They imitated their parents actions and expressions just as every child throughout the ages has. As they grew they began to notice others with admirable qualities. These also became their heroes, their ideals whom they chose to emulate, and they continued to grow and blossom.  Children look up to adults. We become heroes, at least for a little while. 

But now my children are grown and I am finding that in some ways the roles are becoming reversed.

My children all love music.  They learned that from me.  We sang together from the time they were babies.  And as soon as they could hold there own, I harmonized with them and they learned to love harmony, (they also learned that if they were doing dishes and they started singing, Mom would come and pick up a towel, just to be able to sing with them)

When they got a little older, I was working for the Ontario Conservatory of Music, so I was able to put them in lessons for a short while.   Susy took accordion lessons from an awesome classical accordion instructor.

The problem was, he was too awesome for her.  She was totally intimidated.  She would go home from the lesson and practice all week and then bomb out when she tried to perform in front of him. It didn't seem like she would ever be able to play anything in front of an audience.   The lessons ended and that was that.

But then ...  one day on her own she sat down at the organ and she began to go through the hymnbook.   She played and she played and she played, sometimes as much as five hours a day, and within a short time she was playing for us as we sang trios, and able to overcome any inhibitions she might have had.

Now she is a church organist and plays in front of at least 300 people at a time.

When I worked at the Conservatory, I took some lessons too.  But it seemed that when I tried to play when anyone was listening, my fingers would turn to wood.  I got to grade 4 level and then I gave up.

A few years later, I got an organ again, feeling that I should pick up where I left off, but when my youngest daughter, who played the violin, took off with it and put my humble attempts to shame, I got discouraged again.

But the music was still inside me.  My musician family all grew up and left home, and I had no one to harmonize with.  I got an organ again.

When Susy comes over, I watch her as she plays, and I hear those fabulous harmonies.  I love what she can do.  I love what all my children can do with their music, and when I sit down at my organ, I hear those sounds in my head and that's what I want to play.

I play my organ a lot now.  My children have taught me much more than just how to pick out harmonies . They have had to deal with the same inhibitions that I face, and they have been able to overcome them.

If they can do it, as their mom, with the help of God, I can too.

Since writing this post I have acquired a piano and am playing that as well. I am still a long way from where I want to be but much better than I was.

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