Friday, March 27, 2015

Under His Wing

I've read the chapter hundreds of times. I've learned it by heart.  But today when I read it  the picture was so clear, so totally comforting.

Yesterday, when I went out to close up the chicken coup, Solo was crying.  It still sounds like a baby chick even though it has grown big enough to be almost independent now.  It can find the tasty tidbits of  treats I bring out, and it is tall enough to reach the water pail.

But it has a problem.  The big gals tend to pick on it.  It is learning that it could very easily lose its life if it is not careful.  Independence is not always such a nice thing. 

Last night Mama was up on the roost.  Solo had one goal.   It needed to get to that one place where it knew it would be safe.  It needed to get to Mama. It needed to hide under that wing. It needed to be covered with those feathers. 

You can tell just by listening, when Solo has made it past the wicked beaks of its foes.  The sound of the cheeping changes from panic to contentment.  No bullying hen will dare touch it there.  It settles in and goes to sleep warm and safe from harm.

This was the picture I saw as I read Psalm 91: 4  He shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings shalt thou trust.